Kitchen Rug

Add some rugs to your kitchen space and add colours to your daily cooking! Mercirugs’ kitchen rug collection is washable and spillproof, making them easy to clean after cooking. With a washable kitchen rug, you can cook in style without worrying about stains.

Kitchen Rug

Worry-Free Kitchen Rug

People rarely put a rug on their kitchen because they're afraid it will be hard to clean. Now, there's no need to worry about stains. Mercirugs' kitchen rug is easy to clean with a few wipes and a wash.

Made with tightly woven 100% Polyester, these kitchen rugs are soft but unyielding, repelling water because of their small pores.

Our kitchen rugs are spill proof – leaving no stain after a few wipes. Stubborn grease stains can be washed away in a washing machine. After these simple cleaning steps, the rug is ready to use again, saving you time and energy.

Kitchen Rug

Why Mercirugs' Kitchen Rug?

Everyone needs a spark of colour to get the cooking spirit going. With a worry-free kitchen rug, your kitchen will look homier, more colourful, and more welcoming without risk of stains.

Moreover, our padded rugs provide cushioning for your feet, softening the impact to your heel. Long nights of cooking and washing dishes will be less tiring.

Our kitchen rugs have rug pads, too. These rug pads are designed to grip your tiles, providing you an anti-slip surface to walk on while you're cooking.

Having a kitchen rug helps warm your tiles, as well. This ensures that when you're preparing breakfast, the tiles won't be freezing cold.

Kitchen Rug

Practical Beauty

Practical doesn't mean drab. Our kitchen rug collection includes rugs of every colour. Find blue, red, burgundy, pink, white, green, grey, and many more colours.

You can also choose what pattern you like, from vintage to contemporary styles that complement your décor.

Common Kitchen Rug Sizes

Kitchen Rug


This kitchen rug size is perfect for rugs under the sink, in front of stove, and under the oven.

Kitchen Rug


Longer but slimmer than the 120x190, this size is great to cover a small kitchen, especially near the sink and stove.

Kitchen Rug


Rugs with this size run cover all areas of your kitchen, perfect for houses that has a long, narrow pantry.