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About Our 125x190 Rugs

Mercirugs' 125x190 rugs are the pinnacle of finesse and functionality. They seamlessly integrate into any environment, be it your dining area, bedroom, study, or balcony. Designed for longevity, they come with water and stain-resistant properties, ensuring their beauty is retained year after year. What's more? Their machine-washable nature ensures upkeep is straightforward.
Patterns, Colours, and Designs Available for 125x190 Rugs

Rug Pattern: Explore our extensive range of 125x190 Rugs, showcasing designs from modern minimalist lines to the intricate beauty of Oriental motifs. Whether your taste leans towards the understated allure of Scandinavian patterns or the rich intricacy of traditional weaves, our collection is poised to captivate.

Rug Colour: Delve into our broad colour spectrum, ranging from soothing pastel shades to the passionate tones of reds and oranges. Embrace timeless monochrome options or venture into the lively world of multicoloured patterns, guaranteeing your space reflects your personal flair.

Where to Position Your 125x190 Rug

In the Dining Room:
Transform your dining area by placing a 125x190 rug beneath your dining table. Its size flawlessly anchors dining sets, elevating your mealtime ambience.

In the Bedroom:
Position a 125x190 rug under your bed for an immediate touch of luxury. The size complements a standard double bed, ensuring a plush feel every morning.

In the Living Room:
Elevate your living room or seating area with our rug, adding sophistication to every gathering. It efficiently defines spaces, lending a structured yet cosy feel to open-plan settings.

125x190 Washable Rugs: Elegance Meets Ease

Beyond their visual appeal, our 125x190 rugs epitomise practicality. With water and stain-resistant attributes combined with the ease of machine washing, they effortlessly cater to the demands of dynamic households.

Dimensions of the 125x190 Rug

Measuring 125cm in width and 190cm in length, these rugs strike the perfect balance, ensuring every room achieves a balanced aesthetic.

Returns for 125x190 Rugs

At Mercirugs, your satisfaction is paramount. Should the 125x190 rug not meet your expectations, you have the assurance of returning it within 30 days of receipt.

Durability as Our Benchmark

Durability is more than just a term for us at Mercirugs. Our rugs are meticulously crafted to resist wear and tear, ensuring longevity and beauty in unison. With an optimal pile height of 0.75 cm, spanning both our UV-protected and power-woven selections, we promise enduring elegance.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Mercirugs prides itself on its sustainable ethos. Our eco-friendly manufacturing decreases energy usage by a notable 20%. We prioritise organic and natural fibres, championing quality whilst respecting the Earth. Over 98% of our packaging is recyclable, and our comprehensive recycling guide accentuates our dedication to a greener future. With Chaleureux Foyer, you opt for quality, elegance, and a sustainable future.