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About Persian Rugs

Persian rugs, in their original meaning, are exquisite handcrafted floor coverings with intricate designs, originating in Iran. They blend history, craftsmanship, and artistry, adding timeless elegance to various interior spaces. But here at Mercirugs, we offer Persian-oriented rugs in pure polyester material other than handmade ones in a made-to-order manner for your needs.

What Styles of Persian Rugs Does Mercirugs Offer?

At Mercirugs, we offer a diverse range of Persian Rugs designed to re-create the Persian flavour in its own pattern. To name a few, there is tabriz pattern, known for its intricate floral and medallion designs, often featuring a central medallion surrounded by elaborate motifs; Isfahan rug, celebrated for its elegant and symmetrical designs, Isfahan rugs typically incorporate intricate curvilinear patterns and vibrant colours. Kashan rug, which features floral patterns, especially the Shah Abbas design, are known for their high-quality wool and intricate detailing. Just so you know the Persian rugs are great at playing with patterns and motifs, you can feel free to join their dazzling performance. But we offer distinct and consistent splash-free material but keep the flavour of the pattern to pay its homage.

What Sizes Are Available for Persian Rugs?

Mercirugs offers Persian rugs in a variety of sizes, from small accent rugs to large area rugs. Our collection encompasses dimensions such as 200x300, 240x350, and even unique runners like 75x21 and 75x305.

How Do I Choose the Right Persian Rug for My Space?

Choosing the right Persian rug is an art form that balances aesthetics and authenticity. For authentic Persian rugs, we focus on the "kpsi" (knots per square inch) to gauge quality, but we offer quasi-authenticity. Therefore, when choosing our Persian polyester rug, consider the pattern's impact on your space's ambience.

Floral motifs add a romantic, classic touch and work well in rooms with traditional or neutral decor. Medallion designs offer symmetry and elegance, ideally suited for spaces with a central focus, such as a dining or living room. Geometric patterns provide a modern, dynamic feel, fitting for contemporary or minimalistic spaces. Also, consider the room size; smaller patterns can make the space feel larger, while larger motifs create coziness. Ensure the rug's primary colours complement your room's existing colour scheme. In high-traffic areas, opt for complex patterns and darker colours to disguise wear and stains. By aligning your choice with your room's mood and functional needs, you'll find the perfect polyester Persian rug.

Difference between Bohemian & Persian Rugs

Bohemian and Persian rugs differ significantly in their design and origin. Bohemian rugs are celebrated for their eclectic, vibrant patterns influenced by various cultures, creating a free-spirited, artistic atmosphere. In contrast, Persian rugs hail from Iran and are characterized by intricate, traditional motifs and a rich, classic colour scheme. Crafted with meticulous precision, they embody centuries of artisanal heritage. While both styles possess unique beauty and character, Bohemian rugs lean towards a lively and unconventional aesthetic, whereas Persian rugs radiate timeless elegance and historical significance.

What other Rug Colours, Styles, and Sizes Do Mercirugs offer?

Mercirugs offers a diverse array of rug colours and designs, customized to suit individual tastes and interior design themes. Choose from the timeless elegance of Red & Burgundy to the modern tones of Grey & Silver; our colour options cater to all preferences. In terms of dimensions, we offer a range of sizes, from spacious options at 200x300 to smaller, more focused areas at 75x215. Browse our extensive collection to find the perfect blend of colour, size, and style to meet your unique design needs.

Washable Persian Rugs to the Rescue

The mix of intricate pattern play and washability encapsulates the marriage of tradition and convenience. Traditionally, these rugs are handcrafted and can be delicate, requiring special care when it comes to cleaning. But Mercirugs' Persian rugs revolutionised how we interact with these pieces of art. Washable options now allow for easy maintenance without sacrificing the rug's aesthetic appeal. This is particularly beneficial for households with pets, children, or simply a high-traffic living area where spills and stains are inevitable.

Can Persian Rugs be Returned?

Absolutely. Your satisfaction is our top priority. Should your Persian Rug fall short of your expectations, or if you decide it's not the right fit for you, you're welcome to return it. We provide full refunds, subject to a nominal $25 processing fee per item, to make the return process smooth and hassle-free for you.

Why Prioritize Durability in Our Persian Rugs?

For us, durability is more than a buzzword—it's a promise of enduring quality. Crafted from high-quality, solution-dyed fibres with UV stabilization, our rugs are designed to resist fading for up to 5,000 hours of UV exposure. With a meticulous 15 million-point construction, each rug captures highly detailed designs while ensuring exceptional longevity. Moreover, our rugs are power-woven in a dense pile, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, including high-traffic areas like entryways and living rooms. The result is a collection that not only enhances your spaces with stunning design but also stands the test of time. Choose our rugs for a harmonious blend of beauty and resilience.

Why Commitment to Sustainability Matters?

We recognize the importance of sustainability and strive to embed eco-friendly practices into every facet of our rug production and distribution. Starting with our eco-conscious packaging, 98% of which is made from recyclable materials and post-consumer recycled content, we're committed to minimizing waste. We even include a recycling guide to help you dispose of materials responsibly.

Our commitment to the environment extends to our supply chain, which is transparent and adheres to the highest ethical and environmental standards, ensuring fair labour practices at each production stage. We also prioritize sustainable shipping methods, utilizing ocean shipping to lower our carbon footprint and storing products in energy-efficient warehouses. Choose our rugs for a product that aligns with both your aesthetic and ethical values..