Discover the Perfect Rug for Your Space

Finding the perfect rug size can be a delightful journey, and we're here to be your trusted guide. Whether you are looking for rugs for a spacious living room or a compact dining room, we get you covered here at Mercirugs. Follow our guide from one room to another and find your dream rug!


Choosing the right rug size for your living room is pivotal. It not only defines your space but also harmonises the various furniture elements, creating a cohesive and inviting environment. Let's dive into our size guide to ensure your living area resonates with comfort, style, and purpose.

Lounge Suite

For a three-seat sofa flanked by two single sofas, a 240x350cm rug is ideal. This size ensures the main seating area is centered on the rug, anchoring the space harmoniously. The rug will extend beyond the furniture, providing visual continuity and comfort underfoot. This choice will enhance the aesthetics of your living space while offering functionality.

Sofa with Chaise

For a two-seat sofa paired with a chaise lounge, a 200x300cm rug is recommended. This rug size accommodates both pieces comfortably, ensuring that the front legs of the sofa and chaise are on the rug. The dimension creates a cohesive look, framing the seating arrangement and adding warmth to your space. Trust Mercirugs to elevate your lounge area with the perfect rug dimension!

L-shaped Lounge

For a corner sofa, a 160x235cm rug is a great choice. This size rug snugly frames the corner configuration, ensuring all the front legs of the sofa rest comfortably on the rug. It gives the area a defined, cosy feel and ties the seating arrangement together seamlessly. With Mercirugs, make your corner sofa stand out and ensure your space feels both luxurious and intimate.


For a loveseat, a 125x190cm rug is spot on. This size frames the loveseat beautifully, allowing the front legs to rest on the rug with a gentle extension around the seating. It accentuates the intimate nature of a loveseat, ensuring the space feels warm and centered. Choose Mercirugs to add that perfect touch of elegance and coziness to your loveseat arrangement. You won't be regret.


Choosing the right size rug for your dining room can greatly enhance the ambiance and comfort of the space. A properly sized rug creates a sense of balance and proportion, while offering practical benefits such as noise reduction, floor protection, and overall comfort underfoot.

Large Dining Tables

For grand dining settings accommodating 8-10 seats, the 240x350cm rug is impeccable. Its expansive proportions ensure chairs remain on the rug, even when pulled out. The size exudes luxury, framing the table beautifully and adding depth to the dining ambiance.

Medium Dining Tables

The 200x300cm rug is ideal for six-seater dining setups, fitting seamlessly with chairs in use. It enhances the dining ambiance with warmth and elegance, providing both comfort and style as a backdrop.

Small Dining Tables

For a four-seat dining setup, the 160x235cm rug is an exemplary choice. It generously frames the table, ensuring chairs stay on the rug even when pulled out. This size not only accentuates the dining experience but also adds a layer of warmth and sophistication, making meals intimate and spaces inviting.


Selecting the correct rug size for your bedroom can truly transform the room, making it a cozier, more comfortable, and more aesthetically pleasing space. The rug plays a critical role in framing the area, anchoring the furniture, and providing warmth and texture underfoot.

Super King Bed

For a super king bed, a 240x350cm rug is the pinnacle of luxury. This dimension ensures the bed is majestically framed, with the rug stretching beneath it, while allowing the bedside tables to sit on the floor for a layered, spacious look. The ample coverage provides a luxurious underfoot experience. Trust Mercirugs to seamlessly integrate opulence and function for your super king bed setting.

King Bed

For a king bed, a 200x300cm rug is a prime choice. This size provides a gracious border on both sides and the foot of the bed, offering a plush step when arising or retiring. The rug’s span ensures it stretches beyond the bed's width, aligning bedside tables for a cohesive bedroom look. With Mercirugs, elevate your king-sized retreat, merging comfort and sophisticated aesthetics seamlessly.

Queen Bed

For a queen bed, with the intention of having the lower two-thirds on the rug, a 160x235cm size is perfect. This allows the rug to start just below the pillow area, extending past the foot of the bed, giving it a lavish and anchored appearance. This setup offers a cosy landing for feet in the morning and adds depth to your bedroom decor. Choose Mercirugs to achieve this elegant, inviting style for your queen bed ensemble.

Double Bed

For a double bed, positioning one-third of it on a 125x190cm rug is a trendy approach. This rug size allows a portion of the bed and its foot to be on the rug, crafting an avant-garde, layered appearance. The design anchors the bed, highlighting it as the focal point while offering a plush, tactile experience underfoot. Opt for Mercirugs to bring this contemporary and cosy dimension to your double bed setting.

Single XL Bed

For a single XL bed, a 75x215cm rug is a tailored choice. This elongated dimension aligns well with the extra length of the XL bed, providing a plush border on one side or at the foot of the bed. Whether you step out of bed in the morning or climb in at night, the rug offers comfort underfoot. With Mercirugs, introduce a touch of luxury and practicality to your single XL bedroom setting.


Selecting the right rug size for your kitchen is both a practical and aesthetic decision. A well-chosen rug adds warmth and character, reduces noise, and provides comfort underfoot, especially in a room where you might spend considerable time standing.