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About Our Festival Rugs

Festival Rugs are intricately designed, purpose-driven floor coverings that blend artistry and functionality. Suitable for homes, offices, and outdoor spaces, they add elegance and comfort, transforming any room they grace.

What Styles of Festival Rugs Does Mercirugs Offer?

At Mercirugs, we offer a diverse range of Festival Rugs designed to suit the Aussie lifestyle. Bohemian design rugs that capture the free spirit of Byron Bay are perfect for the sun-soaked patios of Perth. Beyond this, there are Geometric, Kids and other categories for your choice.

We even have polyester-backed rugs that bring warmth to Melbourne homes and coming-soon custom options for those looking for something uniquely Australian. Whether you're decking out a city flat, a coastal retreat, or a suburban home, we've got a Festival Rug that will add a touch of elegance and comfort, perfectly tailored to the Australian way of life.

What Sizes Are Available for Festival Rugs?

Mercirugs offers Festival Rugs in various sizes, from small accent rugs to large area rugs. We have sizes covering 125x190, 160x235, 200x300, 240x350, and more.

How Do I Choose the Right Festival Rug for My Space?

The Festival Rug Philosophy

Think of selecting a rug like choosing a festival outfit. It should exclaim "I'm the life of the party" and offer comfort for endless dancing.

Matching the Mood

Rule No. 1: Align with the festival vibe.
Opt for a rug that complements the holiday spirit.
Consider longer-lasting designs since holidays come and go.

Finding Your Rug's Vibe

Ask yourself: 'What vibe am I aiming for?'

Bohemian Rugs: Evoke the charm of the latest indie sensation.

Modern Rugs: Capture the essence of a modern techno DJ.

Maintenance and Cleanliness
Prioritise easy upkeep—akin to effortlessly removing a festival wristband.

Favour spill-proof materials and darker hues for simpler cleaning.

Shopping Recommendation

Explore Mercirugs, a premier destination for diverse and quality rug choices.
What other Rug Colours, Styles, and Sizes Do Mercirugs offer?

Mercirugs offers a rich variety of rug hues and designs tailored to meet personal aesthetic choices and interior themes. From the classic sophistication of monochromatic Black & White to the lively shades of Orange & Yellow, we've got a colour palette for every preference. Whether you're looking for a large, eye-catching rug measuring 160x235 or a more compact option for hallways at 75x215, we have sizes to accommodate every space. Browse our diverse selection to find the ideal combination of colour, size, and style that aligns with your distinct design requirements.

Washable Festival Rugs to the Rescue

The need for washability in Festival Rugs isn't just a feature; it's a lifestyle requirement. Imagine spilling sangria during a lively home concert or finding muddy paw prints after a day of festival-like outdoor activities with your pets—life's little "festivals" come with their share of messes. Washable rugs offer the freedom to live these moments fully, without the looming dread of permanent stains or tedious cleaning sessions. Whether you're the host of frequent social gatherings, a parent to rambunctious kids, or a pet owner, the washable nature of these rugs ensures that your living space maintains its elegance and charm, no matter what life throws at it. Check our Wash & Maintenance Guide for more information.

Can Festival Rugs be Returned?

Positive. Your happiness is our ultimate goal. If your Festival Rug doesn't meet your expectations or even if you simply change your mind, you have the option to return it. We offer full refunds with only a small $30 processing fee per item, ensuring your satisfaction without any hassle.

Why Prioritize Durability in Our Festival Rugs?

At Mercirugs, we operate on a straightforward principle: durability is paramount. Every rug we craft, whether it's UV-protected or power-woven, features a pile height of 0.7 cm, designed to resist the challenges of daily life while maintaining its visual appeal.
Made from a premium blend of polyester and polypropylene yarns, our rugs offer both strength and a luxurious touch. These specialised yarns are meticulously engineered to provide a surface that's not just enduring but also sumptuously soft and aesthetically pleasing, elevating your living experience in every way.

Why Commitment to Sustainability Matters?

We recognise the importance of sustainability and strive to embed eco-friendly practices into every facet of our rug production and distribution. Low-impact manufacturing techniques and the use of organic fibres are just the starts. Our packaging leans towards minimalism and is mostly recyclable, complete with a recycling guide to assist you. Ethical labour practices and responsible sourcing are non-negotiables in our supply chain.

We even prioritise ocean shipping and energy-efficient storage solutions to further reduce our carbon footprint. While we're proud of the quality and durability of our rugs, we're equally committed to making choices that are kind to our planet. In choosing our rugs, you're not just decorating your space but also making a conscious choice for sustainability.