How it works

Double Layers, Double Convenience

The perfect blend of style and practicality. Designed for worry-free living, its water-resistant surface lets you easily wipe off any mess. Lightweight yet durable, this rug has been rigorously tested for over 100 washes, ensuring it looks as good as new every time. Say goodbye to stains and hello to effortless elegance with our Washable Rug Cover.

washable rugs

Make a Mess

Our rugs are made for real life – whether it's muddy boots, spilled wine, or paint splatters, they're up for the challenge.

Wipe Up the Mess

Our water-resistant design makes cleaning easy. Simply wipe up the spill, and most of the liquid will not absorb into the fabric.

All Cleaned Up

After a simple wipe, the area should look as good as new. If not, proceed to Step 4.

Give It a Wash

For liquids with strong pigmentation, a quick wipe may not be enough. Simply put it in a washing machine for a regular clean.

Water-repellent Rug Cover

Our washable rug covers are low-pile and lightweight, offering true stain resistance and water resistance. Designed to conveniently fit in your home washing machine.

Nonslip Rug Pad

Our easy-to-clean Rug Pad features a non-slip back, ensuring it stays in place even when your kids or pets are playing around.