Pet Friendly Rugs

Finding a rug that's looks good and is safe for your fur companions is not easy. That's why Mercirugs produce a collection of hypoallergenic pet friendly rugs. In our collection, you will find various rug colours and patterns, all machine washable.

Pet Friendly Rugs

Keep Your House Clean for Longer

Have an active pet who ask for walkies every few seconds? We know the feeling, and we've cleaned up more mud than we'd like. Hence, our rug collection is washing machine washable. Wash the rug cover for a cycle and the rug will be good as new.

Pet Friendly Rugs

Say Bye to Hair Problems

Our pet friendly rugs are flatly woven – they have no crevices where hair can slip through. Hence, our rugs are easy to clean with a wipe or a quick vacuum.

Hair still sticking? Chuck the rug in the washing machine and clean it thoroughly.

Moreover, hair won't tangle between the rugs' threads because they are tightly woven. Therefore, pet owners with seasonal allergy can prevent being agitated by residual fur.

Pet Friendly Rugs

No Allergy for The Fur Babies

Made of hypoallergenic materials, you don't have to worry that your fur babies will get the itches. With regular spot-clean and periodic machine washing, the rug won't gather dust or mites to irritate your pets' skin.

Pet Friendly Rugs

Padded Against Hardwood Floors

Our rugs are great for sensitive paws. We know hardwood floors can be a challenge, so our pet friendly rugs comes with a rug pad. The rug pad is made of cushiony rubber, soft to step on.

Plus, the pad is anti-slip, as well. So, rambunctious playing won't result in falls!