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Mercirugs believes in mess-free living. Hence, we designed these easy-to-clean and durable low-pile rugs. A low pile rug is a tightly woven rug that can withstand high foot traffic.

Contrary to a high-pile rug, a low pile rug is flatly woven – meaning there's no protruding texture. With no added texturing, low-pile rugs will keep their original shape after years of use. The thinner design also makes them easier to clean, with no bristles or stitches to worry about. There won't be any grooves on the rug – reducing tripping and falling risks.

Despite its thinner appearance, a low pile rug is still comfortable to step on. Each low pile rug comes with a rug pad – a rubber material cushioning your feet against the hardwood floor. The rug pad is anti-slip as well, keeping you safe inside the house.

Due to their tightly woven threads, low-pile rugs, staying pristine and neat, won't wrinkle even after active use. That's why they are ideal for busy areas like living and dining rooms.

Another advantage a low pile rug has is that it still works fine under doors. It sits flatly on the ground without hindering the door. Therefore, you can put hallway rugs between doors without all the hassle.

Moreover, each low pile rug is spillproof and washable. Small spills can be wiped clean with tissue/cloth, leaving no stains behind. Stubborn dirt or mud can be washed clean in the washing machine.

Our low-pile rugs are made of 100% polyester, so they are hypoallergenic and safe. This feature makes them perfect for households with children and pets.

Mercirugs offers a modern solution for low-pile rugs. A modern solution needs a modern look, so in our collection, you will find low-pile rugs with various colours and patterns.

Browse our low pile rug collection now and get a modern rug that solves all your problems.